— the maison Bruneau

The history of Maison Bruneau began on March 14, 1975 when the chef, Jean-Pierre Bruneau, set up an eponymous restaurant in a northern Brussels neighbourhood. In no time at all, his reputation spread throughout gourmet circles both at home and abroad: an initial star in 1977, a second star in 1982, and the prestigious third star in 1988. From one success to the next, the venue was revamped to offer a refined setting to match the outstanding food, prepared by a chef whose motto is: "Most of all, make your dreams come true, never stop advancing, and always improve".

As a disciple of generous and rigorous cuisine in an atmosphere both chic and professional, Jean-Pierre Bruneau embedded his spirit into this house, which will be taken over as of June 1, 2018 by Maxime Maziers. This renowned young chef, born in 1988, is a great admirer of his predecessor with whom he served 5 years as an assistant before conquering his own first star in 2017. The transition will take place in respect of Jean-Pierre Bruneau’s legacy and with full confidence in Maxime Maziers’s future accomplishments. The Maison Bruneau is now the Maison Bruneau by Maxime Maziers, a place where elegance and refinement, savoir-vivre and know-how are paramount, in a context of luxury, serenity and the love of good taste.

The premises are organized around a dining room with a refined and elegant decor that can accommodate up to 70 people, a shaded terrace in the quiet of an impeccable garden for peaceful moments when summer is high, and a private salon hosting up to 22 people for your banquets with family or professionals. Initially, the place will retain the decoration with the famous Bruneau monogram, but little by little, Maxime will add his touch and identity, starting with the Private Salon.

Most of all, make your dreams come true, never stop advancing, and always improve

— Maxime Maziers

After brilliant studies at the Ecole Hôtellière de Namur, Maxime Maziers worked at the restaurant Le Spud's of the Sofitel Brussels Europe hotel on the Place Jourdan in Brussels, in consultation with the great Parisian chef Alain Senderens ***.
He then left to join the brigade of the restaurant Bruneau, at that point with 2 Michelin stars and purveyor to the Court of Belgium, where he served as an entrée preparer for a year.

From 2008 to 2009, the caterer Loriers welcomed Maxime Maziers, offering him the opportunity to exercise his talent in creating and developing prestigious banquets.
In May 2009, Maxime Maziers joined Wout Bru in his two-star restaurant Chez Bru in Eygalières en Provence, where he held the position of chef de partie.

In October 2009, Maxime returned to his spiritual master, the starred chef Jean-Pierre Bruneau, where he held the position of assistant chef until June 2014. During these five years, however, he worked for a while at the Villa Lorraine where he assisted the chef at that time, Alain Bianchin, between 2011 and 2012.
From June 2014 to December 2015, Maxime Maziers became chef at the restaurant Bowery, owned by the Smets Group, before joining L'Écailler Royal Palace Sablon where he earned his first Michelin star on November 20, 2017.

The takeover of the restaurant Bruneau, on June 1 2018, will resonate like a consecration: for Maxime Maziers it’s a trip back to the very roots of his apprenticeship in haute cuisine, with the ambition of bringing this prestigious Brussels house back into the limelight.

A decisive meeting in my professional life: Jean-Pierre Bruneau. I immediately admired his cooking philosophy, his sensitivity, and his work techniques. A life lesson.
— Maxime Maziers


· Caviar Baïka “Royal Select” 30 gr – 85 €
· Caviar Oscietra “Top Selection” 30 gr – 115 €
· Caviar Oscietra “Top Selection” 125 gr – 445 €



· Duck foie gras served with rhubarb and hibiscusflower 
· Northsea crab served with a variation of tomatoes

· Grilled flank of Wagyu beef  served with fregula Sarda and red wine 
· Pikeperch served with “Cèpes”

· Selection of refined cheeses  
· Declination of plums and cottage cheese sorbet  
· Chocolate Dôme

* Wine by glass or a la carte 

menu of the season


* Wine by glass or a la carte 
* A selection of refined cheeses can be added to the menu — 14

à La carte

Cold starters

· Freshness of lobster and artichoke — 42 €
· Beef tartare with caviar — 58 €
· Salmon “confit” in olive oil with sucrine  – 32 €
· Rolls of Red tuna served with King crab and avocado – 38 €

Warm starters

· Lobster ravioli with tomatoes bouillon  – 32 €
· Langoustines with basil – 42 €
· Duck foie gras served with apple and hibiscusflower – 29 €
· King Krab legs with fennel  – 48 €
· Soft boiled egg with smoked haddock and green peas  – 27 €


· Wild turbot, shelfish and risotto  – 78 €
· Monkfish served with green peas – 42 €
· Sea bass in salt crust and king Krab for 2 pax  – 62 €/pp
· Grilled JohnDorry « petit bateau » with vinaigrette  – 44 €
· Roasted lobster with stuffed lobster chausson  – 68 €


· Farm pigeon served with young carrots and liquorice – 42 €
· Canette de Challans with spices for 2 pax – 36 €/pp
· Sweetbread, fregula sarda and celery – 48 €
· Wild Partridge roasted in a cocotte – 82 €

The unavoidable classics of JEAN-PIERRE BRUNEAU

· Langoustines carpaccio with caviar – 62 €
· «Coucou de Malines » Demi-Deuil – 88 €
· Tournedos de Bœuf façon Rossini – 92 €
· Rod caught sea bass topped with caviar – 148 €


· Victoria pineapple with spices – 17 €
· Baba au rhum – 16 €
· Pistachio souflé – 18 €
· Frosted lemon “from Menton” and verbena – 14 €
· “The Drop” all chocolate and currants – 16 €


· Pear carpaccio with refined Comté cheese – 14 €
· Selection of refined cheeses – 18 €



— the private salon

On the first floor of the Maison Bruneau, a Private Salon is at the disposal of groups of up to 22 people, in the luxury and comfort worthy of a prestigious house. This Private Salon is the perfect opportunity to organize your private, family or professional meetings in an exceptional setting, a private and cosy welcome, and to enjoy the pleasure of a menu with refined dishes. It will be reopened in the end of 2018, after a makeover of the venue. 


— Address

Avenue Broustin 73-75

(autumn Holiday 29/10 to 01/11)

THU - 12h - 14h30 / 19h - 22h
fri - 12h - 14h30 / 19h - 22h
Sat - 12h - 14h30 / 19h - 22h
sun - 12h - 14h30 / 19h - 22h
mon - 12h - 14h30 / 19h - 22h



— Contact

+32 (0)2 421 70 70


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