Notebooks, blocks & notes

Each company should have a pile of notebooks and notes ready to be able to take good notes and communicate more fluently.

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We have an ample assortment of notebooks in all kinds of brands and sizes. They exist in different binding types: Atoma, brochure, spiral or stapled, you have the choice. Also the paper within varies: white or recycles, plain, lined or checked, whatever you prefer. In this category you'll also find our directories.

At the paper blocks we also offer different brands and sizes. If you go meet a client, take notes more easily by clamping a paper block on to a holder.

For a more fluent communication notes are indispensable. Whether you choose Post-It or Bruneau, both brands offer a wide range of possibilities. Different sizes, yellow or coloured, your messages will be more eye-catching.

Use page markers to divide your documents so you can search more precisely. You can also use them to highlight key points and the different colours allow you to mark your documents with colour codes.

Finally, in this category you'll find the commercial registers. These standard documents, often auto-copying, come in very handy. In the right season we also present all kinds of agendas and calendars here.