Archiving and storage: it is really quite easy!

Storage and filing are absolutely essential in the workplace! To make retrieval easier and more efficient, here are our smart, colourful and stylish solutions ... Archiving and storage: it is really quite easy!


In order to avoid having loose sheets on your desk and to find the documents you need quickly and easily, start at the beginning: coloured flap folders with elastic closure provide a good basis for filing. Elba Pop Art Sleeves are made of opaque, coloured plastic with an embossed "wave" motif! Documents you don't need to keep close at hand, can be stored in binders.
No proper storage without boxes! Equipped with removable dividers, the Click&Store by Leitz are ideal for storing small items such as office supplies, phone chargers, cables, etc. Made of coloured cardboard with a glossy finish and embellished with a label holder and metal corner reinforcements, they also offer an attractive modern design. The 4-drawer storage module from the same series has a practical metal eyelet ring on each drawer.


Cases and boxes
Bruneau's iconic archive cases and boxes have been given a fresh new look. They are made of very strong cardboard, retain their shape and are resistant to everything: handling, transport, stacking, etc. To meet all your needs, the boxes are available in different widths, from 8 to 20 cm. But of course, to archive effectively, it is vital to know what they contain without having to open them!
For temporary information, there's nothing better than coloured repositionable adhesive labels that prevent your box from being thrown away or messed up if you decide to change the contents. Post-It Super Sticky are easy to cut to the right size and are available on a roll, thus avoiding any waste.
For permanent marking, highlighters are still the easiest solution. The trick is to choose the right one. Prockey from Uni-Ball is perfect for cardboard and paper and offers a colourfast, odourless ink that is free of alcohol and solvents. The Lumocolor Duos by Staedtler, available in 4 colours in a case, have a fine tip on one side and a cone tip on the other. They can be used on all surfaces and are also suitable for overhead projection. Special mention for the absent-minded among us: thanks to their "dry safe" ink, they can be left uncapped for several days without drying up!

"A place for everything, everything in its place", and already you can see more clearly!