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How to set up a reception room?

All experts agree: the first impression always sets the tone. This applies to an applicant during a first interview, but the same statement also applies to the company itself! Chairs, reception benches, furniture, decoration,... A neat look for your reception and furnishing contributes to an excellent reputation!How to set up a reception room?


This is the most important element in the room! In order to make a good choice, you will need to ask yourself the following questions:
How much space do you have? How many visitors do you receive approximately a day? How much time do your visitors spend approximately at the reception? Do you mainly receive the large public or also famous people (or even movie stars)? Would you like to make the room soundproof for more confidentiality (or occasionally turn it into a club)?
Don't forget that the reception bench is also a workstation, so you have to take many other aspects into account as well:
How many people are sitting and working behind the counter? Which tools for office automation and IT devices are used? Which storage forms are necessary? What are their tasks ? How long and how often are these performed?
By anticipating the problems, the right solution is quickly found! A well-chosen counter helps you to monitor the flow of visitors correctly and improves the productivity of the reception staff.


Design seats, poufs, cozy sofas... There are countless possibilities. Just like with the reception benches, you should first consider the available space, the limitations of the design and the atmosphere you wish to create.

By answering these questions, you can focus your search specifically on chairs, armchairs or more or less bulky sofas, in a design or functional version.
The armchair : elegant and comfortable, it fits perfectly in all kinds of reception rooms. The sofa : design and user-friendly, he ensures that the visitor feels at home. The couch : thanks to the modern look and the cozy aspect, this exudes luxury! The modular couch : practical and playful: this sofa provides a characterful look and can be extended if necessary. The chair : classic, practical, with a flexible or hard seat... the reception chair is available in different editions, with often an excellent value for money. The pouf : extremely functional: it is the perfect solution in a reception room for the large public.
Zoom on soundproof furniture
Did you know ?
There exist soundproof sofas and chairs, in order to offer a more intimate atmosphere to the visitors or employees, who want to isolate themselves for a while, for example to make a phone call. A brilliant idea that you should definitely try!


To receive your visitors and distinguished guests (the famous movie stars), there is nothing better than a comfortable and functional space. After all, you have probably already noticed, both the regular visitors and the real stars can sometimes get impatient.
And for that, all means are good:
A magazine holder with carefully selected magazines: related to your activity, and especially - with emphasis on this - recent (no magazines from 2012, thanks!). The dividing walls to isolate and offer more confidentiality. A low table with some snacks, for both young and old. A television to present the company or for practical information: traffic update, weather forecast,.. A wireless acces point for those who wish to be connected all the time. A coffee corner for those who still need to wake up :-)


The reception area is - no more or less than - the business card of the company. This space should reflect the atmosphere and values ​​of the company. Team photos, success stories, showpieces, design elements, plants, ... So don't forget to personalize the decoration. But also make sure that it doesn't get too crowded. The space must remain functional and easily accessible for everyone (couriers, prams, people in wheelchairs,...).Personnaliser et décorer l'espace d'accueil
We hope this helpful advice will help you create a good reception area for your visitors. And if you're short on space, know that hybrid seats are all the rage right now. Your reception area can therefore also serve as a meeting place for your employees. The basic idea is to organize the space optimally, making it a lively and user-friendly place, ideal for animated conversations.

And now it's up to you !